Types of Trachs / The Mystery of the Letters and Numbers

To keep it simple, the types of trachs available from the supply department are:

DCT - Disposable Cannula Trach (navy blue and white box)
This trach has a cuff and the inner cannula is disposable. Used for ventilated patients or when aspiration is a problem.
DFEN-Disposable Cannula Fenestrated Trach (purple and white box)
This trach has a cuff. It has openings to allow air to pass through vocal chords and allows for speech. It comes with two disposable cannulas - a solid used for suctioning and a fenestrated for phonation
CFN - Cuffless Fenestrated Trach (brown and white box)
This trach does not have a cuff. It is designed to direct breathing through the upper airway. It comes with two reusable inner cannulas - one solid and one fenestrated.
All come in sizes 4, 6 and 8 : DIC- Disposable Inner Cannula: sizes 4;6,8 DICFEN- Disposable Inner Cannula -Fenestrated
All of the above information is found on the outer surface of the flange (left side) along with inner diameter (I.D.) and outer diameter (O.D.) measurements. If there is no cuff, it states that information on the right side of the flange.

BIVONA TTS Adjustable Neck Flange Hyperflex Tracheostomy Tube
This Item is a *Special Order* Sizes 6 & 8 are kept in ICU 5 Respiratory Closet





The above types and sizes are .subject to change.